Meeting Opened: 6.30pm

• Lisa Walter, Dee Brock, Todd Johnson, Murray Sullivan,
Adrian Breeze, Narelle Farrands, Janie Silinger
• Dave McGowan, Ross Thomas, Kier Tenardi, Bec Noakes, Jamie Walter

Previous Minutes:
• accepted by Dee Brock seconded by Murray Sullivan

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

• Chocolates order discussed at February meeting was 30 plain, 30 various and order end of May
• Quick Grant from the Shire closed 5th May – application in
• Jamie will order the nametags in the next week

Correspondence In:
• Various emails
Correspondence Out:
• Various emails

Presidents Report:
• Friday night 9/05/2014 will be round 4 of the fixtures.
The night will consist of two derbys being the year 4′s (6pm start ground 1) and year 7′s (7.20pm start). We will also have the year 5′s and the newly formed girls team playing a mixed game (6pm start ground 2) as they both have byes that weekend. The night will be dedicated to the BCNA, Breast Cancer National Awareness with all proceeds from the nights canteen will be donated to them.
We have set up a page so anyone can on go onto the site and make a donation under our name. You can click this link to make a donation

• 4 lighting towers are going to be used on Friday night
• Domino’s Pizza have agreed to sponsoring the club for $500 and also to donate to the club $1 for each pizza sold (restricted). Players will also receive a discount on certain pizzas when a voucher number is given. A flyer will be given to all parents letting them know of this discount and asking them to support this new sponsor
• Linley Valley Pork have again agreed to sponsor us for all our sausages that we need throughout the year – as they also did the same for us last year which works out to nearly $3000 for both years, a set of jumpers is going to be bought with their name on it as is given to all our biggest sponsors – one of the jumpers will be framed as a thank you and an incentive to continue to support us in the foolwing seasons
• On Sunday 4th May there was an incident in the year 5 game against Darlington where one of the their players was sent off by the umpire for striking a player – this is a reportable offence and so once the umpire ( Austin Thomas) has submitted the report a meeting will be held between Darlington, ourselves and Trevor Gosotti from Swans to work out how best to support this player and encourage him to not repeat the offence in the future. The usual thing for this type of offence is 2 weeks suspension.

Registrars Report
• Managers packs have been done and handed out
• 50 games have been calculated and managers told when they are on

Treasurers Report:
• Term Deposit funds of $7,508.07 remain with Bendigo Bank until review on the 27/9/2014
• Trading Bank account has a closing balance as at 18/04/2014 of $14,296.16
• Bank account has been reconciled. The following table shows the income and expenses incurred 1/1/2014 to 18/4/14 for the season:

Fees/Merchandise $7,541.00

Merchandise $2,165.45
Web Design $1,966.80
Ink/stationary $252.74
Coaching courses $270.00
Advertising $190.96
PO Box fee $107.00
Bank Fee ebanking $40.00
Equipment $999.00
Canteen – float/stock $500.00
Registrar – float/petty cash $500.00 $6,991.95

Net position $549.05

• Receipts to be provided for petty cash expenses when available
• Income held by registrar from recent fees and merchandise sales to be banked
• Canteen to return $500 once available
• No canteen profits have been banked as yet
• Ebanking is being used to pay most invoices for administration of club
• Can not give a forecast of expenses at this time

Auskick Co Ordinators Report:
• The kids had a great time back their first weekend after holidays
• The club packs have arrived and will swap out with the old balls
• Dillon is a great help
• Auskick packs have arrived and only 4 players left to receive them
• Will contact Chelsea about the Auskicker of the week certificates as they were not included in the packs
• On Saturday afternoon the Auskickers will be playing a half time game at the WAFL match that Swan Districts are playing

Coaches Co Ordinators Report:
• Chelsea came up tonight to have a chat with the girls team as their competition started last Sunday
• Graham McGuinness is now accredited making all our coaches now accredited

Canteen Co Ordinators Report
• Have created a file for start up and pack up so that all the volunteers know what they need to do and it will also mean that I don’t need to be there everyday
• Needing a bookshelf or cupboard for storing everything in – looking out for one on Gumtree but anyone knows of one please let me know
• Need a roster done for Auskick days as I currently have to go there every Saturday and as it is now clashing with my daughter’s sport I’m not going to be able to open unless someone from Auskick or the committee is willing to take over on those days
• For the games on Friday night I have volunteers but as we are expecting to be busy if committee members can keep an eye out and help when needed it would be very much appreciated
• Have raffle items and 20 pink cupcakes and 20 pink donuts – all donated by Kalamunda Pattisserie, who supply our bread – maybe a letter letting them know how we went after the event would be a great idea
• Have sent a release to local newspapers so hopefully we will get an article out there

Dee to make up a sign for Kalamunda Pattisserie for inclusion on the whiteboard and also to make up a thank you sign for them to hang in their window for the donation of the pink cupcakes and donuts for the Pink Sorts Day

Adrian to organize a roster for the Auskick parents so that Bec doesn’t have to come out on a Saturday

Todd to have a look for a cupboard or shelves as well

Matters for Consideration
• PHOTOS – consider for the next derby date – Dee to work out when that actual date is and get back to everyone by email
• CHOCOLATES – we have 108 families so do we give to each family – Murray proposed that we ask the managers to speak to each family in their teams and see how many boxes that they wanted before we order.. We all felt that this was a good idea so Dee will contact all the managers. Narelle also proposed that we attach something/ a reason for the fundraising to this and we all decided that the monies should be put towards the end of year wind up and trophies
• 50TH CELEBRATIONS – Dee to find out if there are any other grants available as the special celebrations grant offered by the Mundaring Shire has already closed
The next Derby was the proposed date with everyone to have a think about how they would best like to celebrate it – life members invite, past players invite etc
• BUNNINGS – Dee texted Bec for any guidelines that she has from organising the SHS Bunnings fundraiser that is running this Saturday as Dee could not find the information needed in last year’s notes. Once the information is found Dee to email out to everyone and we can all get on with the different jobs needed to be done
• CLUB CONFERENCE – to be held this Monday night. Dee to send out an email to all coaches/managers/committee to see who is wanting to go (4 only allowed from each club – so first in goes). Registration is on the day with a phone call for numbers appreciated

General Business
• Managers packs out to all managers
• Putting away and setting up – Jamie to send out an email to all managers to forward to remind everyone of what needs to be done and how a little bit of help makes it easier for all
• Dee to get prices for restocking first aid kits and to check if there is ice in the canteen freezer to be used for homegames instead of the disposable crack packs in the kits (which should only be used when no ice is available)
• Lisa to email out to all managers who still has not paid
• Todd will get a quote on the tracksuit/shorts to see what it will cost and then it will be decided via email who is to get them (ie coaches and/or not assistant coaches/runners


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