First Regular Meeting

First Regular Meeting

First Regular Meeting December 2013

Held at Mundaring Hotel

Meeting Opened: 6:37pm

Present: Lisa Walter, Jamie Walter, Dee Brock, Todd Johnson, Tina Batey, Dave McGowan, Kier Tenardi, Murray Sullivan, Adrian Breeze, Narelle Farrands, Jane Silinger, Ross Thomas.

  1. Apologies: Jamie Brock
  2. Correspondence In: Bendigo Bank statement Cadbury Fundraising
  3. Correspondence out: Various emails
  4. Presidents Report
    • Spring Comp etition (Swan Valley Cup) was successfully ran by Dee Moore & the JCC
    • Our Year 5 boys won the final, medallions were received & we engraved their names will be given out to players upon return of the jumpers.
    • Working with Dave to put up proposal to discuss with other junior clubs promoting football in the hills.
    • Vitler family fundraiser great success, $31,000 raised – great cause. Well done all involved.
  5. Registrars Report
  6. Treasurers Report
    • Handover currently calendar year. Motion put forward to run books from October to September – moved J. Walter seconded D. Brock
    • Change of signatories – Delete Kier Tenardi, Lisa Walter and Dave McGowan. Add Narelle Farrands, Jamie Walter and Todd Johnson Accepted
  7. Auskick Co-ordinator
    • Auskick packs $48 – 40 packs to be orders. All in favour.
  8. Umpire Coordinators Report
  9. Coaches Coordinators Report
    • Intend to get coaches to visit schools to do one coaching session (Mundaring, Sacred Heart, Sawyers Valley, Glen Forrest, Steiner, Helena College & MCC). Murray to draft letter, Dee to distribute.
    • Looking to further develop alliance with MCC
  10. Matters for considerationSDFDC Changes
    • Yr. 7’s 2014 Youth Comp same rules and conditions as Yr. 8’s competition
    • Yr. 4/5 wrap around tackle now ok
    • Approval of umpire fees given

    Registration Fees

    • must be decided upon at January’s meeting

    Registration Day

    • Saturday 23 February 2014 9.00am – 12 noon)
    • Rooms and EFTPOS have been booked.
    • More signage needed – Dave to weld up frames, Jamie W to organise signs
    • Email rego forms to last year’s players
    • Dee to draft letter to Coles and Woolworths to seek permission to run fun handball competition outside those locations prior to rego day to highlight the start of football season approaching.


    • Tina to book Bunnings
    • Revisit Chocolate fundraising at next meeting
  11. General Business
    Books to be audited – Jamie W to arrange – Jill Christensen Umpire/Coaches training – Need new people.
    Seeking early notification of upcoming courses from Swans – Jamie W to follow up at next delegates meeting.

    Meeting Closed: 8.32pm

    Next meeting – Monday 23 January 2014

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