FOURTH REGULAR MEETING HELD 11th March 2014 at Mundaring Rec Centre
Meeting Opened: 7.05pm

Present: Lisa Walter, Jamie Walter, Dee Brock(late), Todd Johnson, Murray Sullivan,
Adrian Breeze, Narelle Farrands

1. Apologies: Dave McGowan, Ross Thomas, Kier Tenardi, Bec Noakes, Janie Silinger, Kieran Phelan

2. Previous Minutes: accepted by Murray Sullivan seconded by Todd johnson

3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:
• Todd Johnson completed the 100 point check for Bendigo Bank.

4. Correspondence In:
• Various emails

Correspondence Out:
• Various emails

5. Presidents Report:
• Teams that were fielded for the 6/04/14 games will stay as they are
• At the next Hills Presidents meeting the year 5 carnivals procedure will be decided – the first is to be held at Mundaring Rec Ground
• Sebastion Wood is going to be contacted about lighting plants for more lighting on the oval for our night games
• The girls team games start on the 4/5/14, 10 girls are currently registered, Graham McGiness is the coach (Jamie to find out the next acccrediatation course for him)
• The fixtures came out and there are a few clashes with Hills Rangers on Saturdays and Sundays – a meeting is going to be held with the Shire as well as both teams and Swans to try to get a bit more consideration happening between the clubs especially with time changes
• Jamie to put fixtures on our website

6. Registrars Report:
• Total registered AUSKICK 46, JUNIORS (incl girls) 75

7. Treasurers Report:
• not available

8. Auskick Co Coordinators Report:
• Adrian unavailable next Saturday
• he first Saturday went really well, the kids loved it. Thanks to Todd for the handover and Murray for the skills help. Lots of parents putting their hands up to help which is great
• Adrian and Lisa to work out breakdown numbers into 2 groups – first timers and played before
• Todd suggested that Adrian contact Chelsea in regards to the Auskick Club Pack that is usually supplied – ie 1 ball for every 4 children registered
• Extra backpacks have been ordered and will be available by the time the kids come back from school holidays
• Lisa to set Adrian up on sporting pulse
• Jamie and Adrian to review dates for the Auskick carnivals as there is some clashing with Hills Rangers
• Todd suggested that plenty of notice be given to the parents in regards to carnivals

9. Umpires Coordinators Report:
• First round went well
• One umpire needs a bit of help perhaps a mentor for the time being as he is a bit quiet and needs to get a bit more confident
• Jamie to work out who will mentor for each year group
• Austin Thomas umpiring year 5s

10. Coaches Coordinators Report
• The bouncedown meeting went well and was well attended by MJFC
• Murray is very happy with the girls team coach and will help him as much as possible
• Once the season is up and started Murray will wander around at each training session to help both kids and coaches

11. Matters for Consideration:
• When is the clubs 50th anniversary – everyone try to find out please
• Our Mother’s Day /Derby fixture should we run it on a Friday night instead of the Sunday and make it a Pink Ribbon Day and raise money for breast cancer.. Everyone happy with the suggestion. Jamie to speak to Aveley (girls) to see if they are happy to change the date and venue. Lisa to organize Pink cupcakes. See about getting a Media release about it

12. General Business:
• Everyone approved the team canteen roster – it will be sent out to all teams and the managers to format a team roster and send to Bec Noakes so that she knows who is on when
• Dee to find stocktake details for the last year’s Bunnings Fundraiser so that everything can be ordered
• Dee to check minutes from last meeting for the decision of when and how many was decided on for the chocolate fundraiser
• Dee put forward the motion that – ALL MJFC OFFICIAL VOLUNTEERS BE GIVEN A NAMETAG seconded by Adrian vote unanimous.. Jamie showed us the badge types and it was decided that a domed type with a pinclip with a white background with the logo and large writing in black be used
• Dee to apply for a quick grant from the Shire for more equipment
• There is a matching grant coming up in June will go for that too if miss out on the quick grant


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