The meeting commenced at 6.10pm, chaired by Jamie Walter

Present: Lisa Walter, Jamie Walter, Dee Brock, Todd Johnson, Murray Sullivan,

Apologies: Dave McGowan, Janie Silinger, Narelle Farrands

The minutes of the June meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record
Moved: Murray Sullivan Seconded: Todd Johnson CARRIED

1. Matters arising from previous minutes
• Dee has sent minutes to Deb for adding onto the webpage
ACTION: Dee to ensure that the heading for each set of minutes reads with the month rather than with a number as it has done previously
• Jamie spoke to Dee Moore the Swan Districts registrar about an extension time for our team sheets to be in by
ACTION: All team sheets to be in no later than 10pm on Monday nights as the system closes itself down at 12midnight EST
• All the photos have been taken and have been delivered to the club. Via emails last month it was decided that the Auskick players should have their individual photos set against the magazine style background and that the juniors background should be one displaying the club logo
ACTION: All managers to receive their teams individual photos to give out and collect the monies of those that want to buy them Team photos will be given to the players on wind up day
• All 60 boxes went out to those families willing to sell them. One family asked for an additional 10 boxes. 16 additional boxes were ordered as that is the minimum number required. Those additional 6 will go out to any other families willing to sell more or to be sold at the canteen
ACTION: Monies owing for the fundraising to be collected by the managers and Narelle by the end of July

2. Correspondence
In: Cheque from new Sponsor
Bendigo Bank statements
Mundaring Shire Invoice for ground hire
Various emails
Out: Various emails
Invoice to the WAFC

3. President’s Report – Jamie Walter
• The girls had a gala day on the first weekend of the school holidays at South Lakes with Perth, Fremantle and Swan Districts teams taking part – he has heard from Chelsea that it was a success and is looking forward to hearing from Graham as to how the girls enjoyed it
• Otherwise nothing else to report

4. Registrar’s Report – Lisa Walter
• Nothing to report

5. Treasurer’s Report – Narelle Farrands
• As Narelle sent her apologies she gave her report to Jamie who read it out for the meeting
• Trading Bank account has a closing balance as of the 13/07/14 of $18,383.26

INCOME (last 30 days)
Fees/Merchandise $495.00
Light tower(Darlington) $75.00
Chocolates (14 boxes) $701.20
Kidsport $1140.00
TOTAL $2411.20

EXPENSES(last 30 days)
Light Tower (Parkerville) $375.00
Chocolates payment $1800.00
TOTAL $2175.00

Auskick Pack (has been made and will transfer on the 17/7/14

Kidsport reimbursement
Chocolate Boxes (46)

Treasurers Report 11/6/14
1. Trading Bank account has a closing balance as at 10/06/2014 of $19,306.06
2. Bank account has been reconciled to 10/06/14. The net position for the year to date is: $5558.05. The below information represents our current position.

6. Auskick Coordinator’s Report
• Jamie reported that he has nominated teams for both the Year 2’s to the Super Rules Grid games at Scott Reserve in Hugh Wycombe (date TBA) and the Year 1/PP to the Bassendean Jubilee Reserve Gala Day (date TBA)
Currently have not had a very good response from the Auskick parents about commitment to these days but we have to the middle of next week to confirm
ACTION: Todd and Murray to ensure have enough players for each day
• Auskick starts back on the 26th July

7. Umpire Coordinator’s Report
• Jamie reported that the umpires are due to be paid so we need to get that organized (they get paid every 6 weeks)
ACTION: Jamie to organize Narelle to pay umpires
• Even though our Hills teams have a bye this week, the girls team are playing a home game this week as their fixture corresponds with the Flats teams
ACTION: Jamie will speak to Liam about umpiring this Sunday

8. Canteen Manager’s Report
• Girls will require a canteen for this Sunday
ACTION: Jamie to contact Bec to let her know

9. Coach’s Coordinator’s Report – Murray Sullivan
• The training clinic with Bill on the last Tuesday of the school term was fantastic even though this year we had all teams out there at once . However once all the drills were set up with help from all the coaches it flowed well and Bill was able to get around to each player individually throughout the night. Murray will try to get Bill up again before the end of the season
ACTION: Murray to contact Bill in regards to his availability
• Hills Rangers are going to run an INTRO TO FULL RULES clinic for all the year 6 and 7 players instead of the round robin that the Eastern Hills Hawks have run in previous seasons. Jamie has informed the Rangers of when our teams train and it will be up to the Rangers to coordinate dates to do this clinic with the year 7 green and gold coaches

10. Matters for Consideration
• 50th Anniversary
Todd reported that it has been difficult to find a date that will fit in with such late notice so it was proposed that a round robin be held at the end of each season like in the good ole days. We all thought this sounded like a great idea
ACTION: Jamie to bring it up at the next Hills Presidents meeting and see if it can be made as part of the fixture for next year
• M.O.U
The document that was emailed to all of us prior to today’s meeting was seen as being a good idea and the start of a united front to continue to improve junior football in the Hills.
We would like to see only one change to the document so that it reads as follows:

Objective number 4
Joint committee meetings will be convened as determined by the committee, each year but will include (1) a timely meeting following player registration day to examine club numbers to consider potential team nominations; (2) season fixtures and ground resources and (3) end of season review

• Constitution
ACTION: Dee to check for including in the new constitution
Representation on external committees
Club awards and
Role descriptions (possibly)
ACTION: Dee to find the old constitution to see schedule for officially presenting it at the AGM for voting upon
ACTION: Dee to send final proposal to everyone for checking and then send onto Deb to add to webpage

• End of Season Wind up
Jamie reported that he is still waiting for the HFA to get back to him if they will be holding finals on the 31st August, which are our last day of games and the day that we held our wind up last year
Todd has checked to see if we can use the grounds on the 30th August if needed and apart from netball the grounds can be used
We discussed awards needing to be presented on the day
*For each team Fairest and Best
Coach’s Award
Most improved
*The 50 game medallions
*Perpetual Encouragement Award
*Best Club Person Award
*Sponsors Gifts and thank you’s
*Life members
We also discussed the entertainment that could be put on for the players as well as food and drink
ACTION: Jamie will put an email out to the committee with a 3,2,1 voting for best club person and any suggestions for parents who have been with the club for at least 5 years who can be considered for life membership
ACTION: Jamie to email coaches and managers about a due date for the names of their team’s award winners with the understanding that the last playing date for the season will not be included and that a joint F&B award can be given
ACTION: Dee to look up the entertainment that we had last year – how many, what it was, how much it cost and email out this to everyone for a decision to be made as to what we would like to have for this year
ACTION: Jamie to work with Narelle to see what the whole wind up costs were for last year so that a budget for this year can be decided on via email

11. General Business
• Year 7 Gold 6/7/14
Todd reported that when the oval was set up for this game that the parents used cones to set it out differently to how it was marked and also forgot to put the padding on the large goal posts and did not fill in a new ground checklist. it was discussed that perhaps parents were not aware that the way that the grounds are currently marked out give the maximum length and width for their game rules

ACTION: Murray will contact both year 7 teams to explain about how the marked out ovals are actually the correct length and width but if they decide to take the time to go in the other direction than it is very important that they ensure that they pad up all the poles and do the full checklist to ensure the safety of all

• External Hard Drive
Dee reported that the USB that is currently being used for the secretary information collection is not very sturdy and asked if an external hard drive could be purchased
PASSED: Jame Walter Seconded: Murray Sullivan CARRIED
ACTION: Jamie to purchase an external hard drive for the club secretary from Officeworks

• Marking of oval
Todd pointed out that the ovals will need marking again before the weekend and definitely before the following weekend when games start again. Dave usually does this but he is currently away
ACTION: Jamie and Todd to organize this even if it is only temporary for the girls game on Sunday

• Weather Rules
Todd asked if we knew of the rules associated with thunder and lightning and excessive rain to do with football
Dee was sure that there is a pdf on it on the Swans pages
ACTION: Todd to have a look on the Swans pages and bring it back to us for future reference

• Role Descriptions
Todd has compiled a role description for a vice president it is very simple and to the point.. He has asked that each person on the committee with a role take the time to write out their own role description so it can be used for future people who take up the role
Jamie also pointed out that it is something we have to have in place if we want to get silver accreditation
ACTION: Todd to email out a copy of his role description as a template and asked that everyone bring theirs to the next meeting
ACTION: Murray to also have a go at doing one for the coaches and Dee for the managers
ACTION: Dee to see if role descriptions are a component required for constitutions

12. Meeting close and next meeting
The meeting closed at 8.07pm
Next meeting is
Tuesday 12th August at 6.15pm
To be chaired by Todd as Lisa and Jamie will be away

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