Present: Lisa Walter, Jamie Walter, Dee Brock, Todd Johnson, Murray Sullivan,
Adrian Breeze, Narelle Farrands

Apologies: Bec Noakes, Janie Silinger, Kieran Phelan

The minutes of the May meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record
Moved: Todd Johnson Seconded: Adrian Breeze CARRIED

1. Matters arising from previous minutes
Jamie pointed out that his apology was not noted; Dee replied that she had put Brock instead of Walter
ACTION: Dee to change this on the original copy

2. Correspondence
In: Grant application information for the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund Various emails
Out: Various emails

3. President’s Report – Jamie Walter
Just on the eve of being half way through the season, has seen a busy 1st half with the hosting of the first of three year 5 carnivals which was a successful night despite the rain trying to put a dampener on it, many thanks to Bec and all her helpers in the canteen on the night and Dave McGowan who umpired and marked out the two ovals. We also had a night fixture Mother’s day round which was a great night raising funds for BCNA in which we raised $704.75 and all the kids had fun under the lights and again thanks to Bec, Dee, Lisa and all the canteen helpers, a big thanks to Muz, Todd and Steve Frantom who either helped with the setting up of the grounds, picking up/dropping off lighting plants and organising the lights through Coates Hire. The club also ventured down to Blue Steel Oval with the Auskick and year 7’s playing at half time, as always all the kids and parents had fun. All our kids from pre-primary through to year 7 have improved out of site and I was pretty impressed with how all the girls had improved from the start of the season to now when watching them whilst at the club Tuesday night.
On a sour note a couple of minor incidents that have occurred at our ground have been dealt with between the clubs involved and Swans and have had very good outcomes. Remember umpires are human.
A Hills president meeting that was held on Tuesday night with Trevor, Isaac, Brian and Carleen Pallister from the HFA and Hills Rangers was to discuss if the Rangers had any plans to move into Auskick through to juniors then onto youths as well as to see what strategic plans Swans District had. It was hosted and chaired by Roger from Gidgegannup JFC after a brief opening from him a lengthy discussion followed, including Darren McKercher from Hills Rangers answering our question of what are the rangers intentions going forward. He said after going all around the answer that they will be only fielding teams from year 7 up and will still be looking at the junior hills clubs as feeders into the rangers. Although we aren’t in the Swans twenty year plan they are happy for our competition to stay as is for now as long as the sustainability is still there and they were happy to hear that our competition will be made up of separate year 3, 4, 5, 6 next year with only one year where all the clubs are down on numbers but for future years from there on look bright with everyone’s Auskick numbers up this year.

June 2nd saw our first of two major fundraisers for the season with the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, was a bit disappointing to see not all the teams represented when it came time to put their hand up and help out, but none the less we had a successful day both in the sales and the volunteers that gave up their time. I would like to thank everyone that helped out on the day and a very big thank you to Dee Brock and Lisa Walter who had the big task of
Picking up the snags, splitting them up and putting into esky’s, shopping for drinks and other items and chopping up 30 plus kgs of onions so thanks ladies.
Our second major fundraiser is the selling of chocolates and has been a very hard task to say the least but anyway we ordered 60 boxes and had the delivery yesterday and will be giving them to the managers to distribute out to the parents that are selling them, we would like all monies back or unsold boxes by 13/07/2014.
We now have a website manager it is Deb Anderson, she has been working hard to get the site up to date which it is now and if anyone would like something on the site e.g. the minutes to previous meetings, photos etc. etc. you can email her on .
All in all I would like to thank everyone for their input and efforts so far this season I hope we all have an enjoyable and fun back half of the season.

4. Registrar’s Report – Lisa Walter
Most of our players who have outstanding fees have now paid apart from one of the year 7 players whose mother is said to have Kidsport registration
Most of the Kidsport registration is in to the Shire, we are currently waiting for reimbursement
ACTION: Jamie to continue to try to get fees from the outstanding player via a parent from the same team who knows the mother

5. Treasurer’s Report – Narelle Farrands
Trading Bank account has a closing balance as of the 10/06/14 of $19,306.06
Bank account has been reconciled to 10/06/14.
The net position for the year is $5558.06
The below information represents our current position

Fees/Merchandise $12,220.00
Canteen $1,771.05
Bunnings $2,658.85
Light tower(Parkerville) $75.00
Light Tower (Chidlow) $75.00
Sponsorship (Mundaring Glass) $800.00
Sponsorship (Bendigo Bank) $500.00
TOTAL $18,099.90

Breast Cancer Fundraiser $185.00
Mouthguard (Donnelly x4) $380.00 (Kidsport refund)
Bunnings $500.00
Umpire Fees $450.00
Name Badges $324.00
Light Tower $375.00
SDFC registration $1,470.00
Merchandise $3,365.45
Web Design $1,966.80
Ink/stationary $252.74
Coaching courses $435.00
Advertising $190.96
PO Box fee $107.00
Bank Fee ebanking $40.00
Equipment $999.90
Canteen float/stock $500.00
Registrar float/petty cash $1000.00
TOTAL $12,541.85

NET POSITION (10/06/14) $5,558.05

Kalamunda Patisserie $507.20 (cheque not presented)
Slaters (merchandise) $1,451.80 (invoice to be authorized)
Slaters (socks) $224.00 (to be paid)
Chocolates $1,800.00 (to be paid)
Auskick Packs $2,000.00 (estimate)

Kidsport reimbursement $2,000.00 (estimate)

Treasurers Report 11/6/14
1. Trading Bank account has a closing balance as at 10/06/2014 of $19,306.06
2. Bank account has been reconciled to 10/06/14. The net position for the year to date is: $5558.05. The below information represents our current position.

6. Auskick Coordinator’s Report – Adrian Breeze
Adrian reports that he is happy with how everything is going, the parents are sticking to their rosters and he hasn’t had any complaints. Emily is a great help and seems to be enjoying working with the kids. The grid game was enjoyed by all and the numbers were good. He also enjoyed meeting the Chidlow Auskick Coordinator
Jamie proposed that we send the Year 2’s to the Super Rules Grid games at Scott Reserve in Hugh Wycombe (date TBA) and the Year 1/PP to the Bassendean Jubilee Reserve Gala Day (date TBA)
Moved: Jamie Walter Seconded: Murray Sullivan
ACTION: Jamie to organize with Adrian and appropriate clubs

7. Umpire Coordinator’s Report – Dylan
Jamie has been checking with Dylan on how the umpires are going. The problem that Todd bought to the attention of the committee via email of the 2 parents from Parkerville approaching our umpires after the match has been dealt with via email communication between Jamie and the Parkerville President. The Parkerville President has spoken to the parents in regards to the correct way to complain to the umpire (i.e. via the team manager) Jamie has also sent out an email to all our parents to remind them of the same procedure and also the zero tolerance rules on umpire abuse.

8. Canteen Manager’s Report – Bec Noakes
Got my insight into Friday night games!
The first was the Breast Cancer Fundraiser. After costs were covered, profit was $550 (given to Narelle)
The second night game was much better thanks to the help of Dee, Lisa and Helen Mulholland. It was horrible weather but we sold lots of hot food and drinks.
In addition to the $550 for the fundraiser, I have given $780 to Narelle on 16/05 and $990 on the 10/06
Thanks to everyone for their support when I can’t be at the games. Won’t be here this Sunday as Cayden has a bye – I will stock everything on Saturday and get rolls delivered Sunday at 7.30am. If we can ensure that someone is there to set up on Sunday morning and I will be there later on in the day
ACTION: Jamie pointed out that we have no games on Sunday at our grounds and contacted Bec to let her know

9. Coach’s Coordinator’s Report – Murray Sullivan
Murray reported that he has been working with the Year 2’s with the 2 second tackle for the Auskick Super Rules Grid games. He has been around most of the teams on Tuesday night training days to help players individually with kicking etc. and he has checking with the team that trains on Thursday nights
He will try to get Swans Coach Bill Brasna up again to do kicking clinics with each team
ACTION: Murray to contact Bill in regards to his availability

10. Matters for Consideration
Scheduled for the following dates
Auskick 21st June 8am
Year 4 Gold 22nd June 8am
Year 5 22nd June 8am
Year 4 Green 29th June 8am
Year 7 Green 29th June 9am
Year 7 Gold 6th July 9am
Girls 6th July 9am
Dee proposed that the magazine cover style individual photos be used rather that the calendar style as used last year – Jamie thought that it would be better if we used something with our logo on it and everyone agreed
ACTION: Jamie to see about our logo being used to make up the background of the individual photos similar to the team photos

The 60 boxes of chocolates have arrived and most have been handed out.
Monies due in by the 13th July
Jamie expressed disappointment at the small amount of parents participating in this fundraiser considering it is for the end of season wind up entertainment

End of Season Wind up
Jamie reported that he is currently waiting for the HFA to get back to him if they will be holding finals on the 31st August, which are our last day of games and the day that we held our wind up last year
Jamie proposed that seeing as the year 5 team is playing on the Friday night, both our Year 4 and Year 7 teams are playing each other and our girls have already finished their season, that we change the playing date to the Saturday 30th August and have our wind up after the games as we did last year
We all liked the idea but Todd suggested that we find in the next 3 weeks if the grounds are being used or not. If the grounds are being used we do Saturday and if not we keep it to Sunday

Volunteer Seminar Report
Dee reported that the free Volunteer seminar that she attended on the 29th May was interesting and informative, however she was disappointed that it didn’t explain how to get people to volunteer, it was more about how to utilize and find the people in our community who do volunteer. In order for use to use these sort of people we need to amend our constitution as it reads currently that only financial members can participate, once this is done a volunteer coordinator can be found
ACTION: Dee to email out the suggested constitution as formatted by George Brock last season for consideration before the next meeting
Dee is also to include the old constitution for comparison and to find out the rules on how the new constitution needs to be voted in and finally she is to make up a full report from the seminar to have on file

50th Anniversary
A discussion was held about how good it would be to celebrate by having a round robin on a particular day that would include all the Hills teams as well as all the Girls team (especially since this is also the first year of the Hills having a junior girls team in the girls only competition). Dates wise it was decided that it had to be within the season, Saturday 23rd August was the date that seemed best and only if Murray and Todd were able to make a schedule that would suit
ACTION: Murray and Todd to work out a schedule of play
Jamie to talk to the other clubs including the girls
Rest of the committee to think about media promotion and maybe a special guest who could come at lunchtime

11. General Business
Team sheets
Jamie pointed out that our team sheets are not getting to our registrar or the Swans registrar by the Monday 10am cutoff date
ACTION: Lisa to speak to Dee More to see if it is ok that they are late or if it possible to have an extension

Storage Lockers
Jamie pointed out that the lockers have been a bit untidy and that they need to be kept tidy as the council can complain
ACTION: Murray to remind the coaches and Dee to remind Jamie Brock if they could double check the neatness before closing up after using the gear

Water Bottles at training
Jamie has pointed out that he has seen too many players using the tap in front of the lockers for drinking directly out of at training. All teams have been supplied with a set of drink bottles they are not just for the game
ACTION: Murray to speak to coaches and Dee to speak to Jamie in regards to this matter

Training Pants
Todd said that this initiative has been shelved for this season due to lack of interest

It is suggested when emailing out to managers that coaches also be cc’d into the message so that they are also aware of what needs to be done and vice versa

12. Meeting close and next meeting
The meeting closed at 8.27pm
Next meeting is TBA

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