Third Regular Meeting

Third Regular Meeting

3rd REGULAR MEETING HELD 27th February 2014 At the Mundaring Hotel
Meeting Opened: 6.40pm
Present: Lisa Walter, Jamie Walter, Dee Brock, Todd Johnson, Murray Sullivan, Adrian Breeze, Narelle Farrands

  1. Apologies: Dave McGowan, Tina Batey, Ross Thomas, Kier Tenardi, Bec Noakes, Janie Silinger
  2. Previous Minutes: accepted by Murray Sullivan seconded by Adrian Breeze
  3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:
    • The Motion put forward at the previous meeting in regards to voting on the fees for the 2014 season via email, was passed unanimously ( 6 replied out of 15 committee, quorum is executive plus 1) So fees for this season are Juniors – $95, Auskick – $80, Additional child/children – $80 each
    • Todd was able to get the signage completed and erected
    • Bank requisites for executive left to be completed, Todd Johnson just needs to complete the 100 point check.
  4. Correspondence In:
    • Bendigo Bank statement
    • Postal box renewal
    • Various emails
    • Correspondence Out:
      • Registration forms to previous players
      • Various emails
  5. Presidents Report:
  6. Well what a month it has been, as a few of you know the JCC have sent an email out a week before rego weekend to all the hills presidents saying we can’t field any year 7 teams. Murray and I attended last delegates meeting knowing that there would be a bit of a discussion on this subject. The end result we were told let’s see how the numbers pan out on rego day, we have half a dozen year 7′s and I would like to push for another half dozen. I have a hills presidents meeting next Thursday night, 1st of many for the next few weeks. I will be pushing for the year 6/7 comp to be an actual competition, will see how we fare with that one.

    Team Nominations are due 14/03/2014, fixtures are to be sorted out soon as possible with any requests to be handed in to Stewart Luxton at next week’s meeting. A Bouncedown meeting is to be held on 1st April at swan districts @ 7:30pm, this being when I scheduled the next committee meeting for us so have changed ours to the Wednesday 2nd April. We need to get a few reps at the Bouncedown meeting as it is in the coaches/managers best interest, they will discuss rule changes etc. etc.

    Murray and I attended a meeting to discuss the girls competition, the start date is the same date as the boys and that being the weekend of the 4th April. The year 5 flow chart rules is the rules that they will be playing with. The preferred numbers is 12 to 15 a side with the minimum being 9, it’s the same as the boys with the even up rule to apply.

    The WAFC season launch will be on 27th March at Subiaco guest speaker is Shane Crawford.

    The SDFDC is looking at running programs for 2 – 4 year olds, which focuses on gross and motor skills. The SDFDC are looking to pilot these programs at Mundaring, Caversham, Pickering Brook and Aveley. They say that the soccer start at this age and they want and need to compete against them.

    Level 1 coaching course is 23rd March 8:30 to 3:30 at Steel Blue Oval. Any coaches or assistant coaches must be accredited before they step onto the field to coach.

    The clubs new website is pretty close to completion if any one has any other suggestion then feel free to bring it to my attention.
    Looking forward to another season of footy at the pumas den.

  7. Registrars Report:
    • Lisa reported that from Sunday’s registration day we have 6 girls, 40 Auskick, 9 year 3′s, 10 year 4′s, 8 year 5′s, 9 year 6′s, (but there is a further half doz kids that have indicated they are playing) and 5 year 7′s join up with the club.
    • Since Sunday she has had many phone calls and emails and she expects there to be registrations being mailed so the next week should change the numbers hopefully to something similar to last season.
  8. Treasurers Report:
  9. Narelle advised us that the following amounts have been paid from the account:

    opening as at 20/12/12 $13747.11

    $1141.80 cheque 503 payment for web page

    $252.74 cheque 505 stationery – ink

    $500 cheque 506 petty cash held for incidentals and float

    $105 cheque 504 to Murray Sullivan for accreditation

    $190.96 cheque 507to Echo for advertising
    closing balance

    At the time of the meeting funds from the Registration day were yet to be deposited.

    • Narelle reported that she has done the reconciliation from Sunday and that apart from $10 unaccounted for by a receipt that should be accounted for by a stock take on our socks as that is the only thing that we have at that price
    • Jamie will bank the money from the registration day
    • Todd asked about a budget for the season so that we could work out how much fund raising needed to be done for the year – Narelle replied that she has worked out a preliminary budget from last year’s player numbers however it would be better to wait until final numbers are in to set the budget at a meeting
    • Narelle asked about the amount of merchandise the club has in stock at the moment as she noticed that there is a lot of stock from last year unsold from her information – please see general business for more information
    • In the mean time we should be looking at sponsorship and grants – information which is tabled under general business
  10. Auskick Co Coordinators Report:
    • Adrian asked with Auskick starting on the 5th April, how the day is timed and structured as he will has taken on the role this year
    • Murray and Todd replied that the Saturday Auskick day runs from 9am to 10am with the players learning skills and drills and playing a game each week. The 1 hour is enough for the players to cope with considering their age, they tend to get at least some parent help for the hour although many parents leave and come back at the end of the session. The most they run over time for was 10 mins and most of the time they were all packed up and on their way by 10.30am
  11. Coaches Co Coordinators Report:
    • Murray reported that the coaching clinic at Sacred Heart School was successful with the whole school being able to be involved. Mundaring Primary School is willing to allow him to help with the After School Program but most of the children doing this are already players so he is hoping to be able to run a similar clinic as at Sacred Heart
    • Coach Nominees at this stage are Dylan (year 4), Todd will either assist Dylan or if we have a second side he will coach them, Ian and Rob have put their hands up for (year 7), Jamie to also speak with Dan McCall and Jamie Brock is also doing the coaching course this year and will coach the year 5′s.
    • Team allocation will depend on numbers and how the competitions are worked out * Murray has a father interested in coaching the girl’s team
  12. Matters for Consideration:
    • FUNDRAISING (BUNNINGS) – we are booked in for the BBQ sausage sizzle on the Monday holiday long weekend on June 2nd – we will try do as we did last year and get everything donated
    • FUNDRAISING (CHOCOLATES) – Last year we ordered and sold 60 boxes, we opted to order the same amount this year (30 of the plain packs and 30 of the variety packs) It was also decided not to order them for the start of the season as it clashes with Easter and they may be hard to move, so the end of May was agreed
    • LIKELY TEAM NOMINATIONS – Jamie has a meeting next Thursday with the other Hills Clubs to work out what divisions we can all field this season, so far the teams that have given us some information about their numbers registered are Mt Helena ( 2 year 5′s, no year 7′s, 12 year 6′s, 7 year 4′s and 4 year 3′s), Gidgegannup expect to field a year 3/4 team, a year 5 team and a year 6/7 team, Parkerville registered 19 year 3′s, 24 year 4′s and expect to have a year 5 team and 2 year 6/7 teams, Darlington, Chidlow and Hills Rangers have not shared their numbers with him.
    • MEET THE COACH NIGHT – to replace our meet and greet day Murray has suggested that we have a Meet the Coach training night with all players coming along to meet their coach and train. We all agreed that it would be a better idea and the date of Tuesday 11th March from 5pm to 6,30pm was set.

      This is also the night when the Foothills Dental Clinic will come out to organize mouth guards for the players – Jamie Walter to ring and organize them to come on this date

    • INTERNET BANKING – Jamie forwarded a motion to allow the Treasurer to be able to pay our bills via internet banking, so full internet access this was seconded by Todd and we all agreed unanimously. Jamie will get the forms and have it underway ASAP
    • COLES/WOOLWORTHS PROMOTION – The 2 dates are now changed to just one as the 1st March at Woolworths is part of the long weekend and so may not be very successful however the 8th March in front of Coles is still going ahead with a handball competition and a general promotion of AFL in the Hills
    • ORDERING OF EXTRA PLAYING JUMPERS – Jamie pointed out that the Power Play playing jumpers that we ordered last year were not sized very well and some of the players will find it hard to fit into them this season, so with the help of Slater Gartrell 5 new jumpers for each team set (3 sets) will be ordered for this season with sizes to be worked out after this Saturday’s stock take and Sekem jumpers to be tried on for size
  13. General Business:
    • MERCHANDISE – Todd is adding the portfolio of merchandising manager to his Vice President’s role
    • STOCKTAKE DAY – this Saturday from 1pm the committee will be stocktaking all the club inventory for the start of the season, this will include merchandise, canteen, equipment, jumpers etc. If anyone available could meet at the Mundaring Recreation Ground it would be appreciated
    • SPONSORSHIP – Todd asked about Sponsorship. Jamie replied that he has asked Domino’s Pizza and is drafting a cover letter to mail out to businesses’ with the clubs sponsorship packages and asap asked if anyone thinks there is a business who may be interested to either send them the information ourselves or to let him know who to contact. Adrian would like the sponsor packages information to be emailed to him as he will ask his employers and Dee has mailed out 10 letters to businesses in the area in regards to the girls team
    • GRANTS – the Mundaring Shire has a number of grants available to apply for, many of them are like for like grants, so Dee will apply for them to attach to one or both of our fundraising drives for the year – Bunnings Sausage Sizzle ($2446.80 last season) or the Chocolate Drive ($2000 last season)
  14. Close of meeting: 8.05pm
    • Next meeting: 1st April 2014 at the Clubrooms

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